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At the heart of an alive universe

Definition: Artist, noun and adjective

Name: 1. (old) Artisan technician (in elaborate crafts)

2. Person who devotes himself/herself to the expression of beauty, practices art.

Adjective: Who loves art. (Source: LeRobert Dictionary)

An unusual amalgam

I am Laurie Belhumour,

- Artistic career consultant, Artist of words and speech; 

- Founder and president of the company Laurie Belhumeur;

- Podcast Creator of En quête de liberté;

- Event host;

- Writer of short stories;

- Photographer;

- Model for photo shoots;

- Content creator;

- Traveler and eager to discover new cultures.

Trained in communications and artistic representation and cultural production, I enjoy demystifying what the identity of the artist is and ensuring that... When he/she communicates, everything is coherent everywhere! ;) 

It is with this in particular that I help artists to seek financing, private sponsors, define their artistic identity and to (re)establish their artistic career, to create a vision consistent with who they are. 

I do in-deep work on career management... From time management and priorities to the creation of a solid communication strategy adapted to the artist and their needs (to name only a few of the elements!) 

I support the artist in his/her desire and will to achieve his/her final goal.

A balanced life and healthy mental health are at the heart of my priorities;

How does this translate into my daily life? First and foremost by creating a true and sincere bond. I take on challenges that are linked to my values and with respect for others. When there is a problem, I look for a solution and it is essential for me that the problems are addressed. I believe that organization and structure helps reduce the margin for error and increases the fun and laughter while working! 

In my free time, you will find me doing my favorite physical exercises: laughing and talking! Otherwise, I will probably be busy exercising my brain by learning new information on many subjects, although I am fascinated by emotions, mental health and human in all its aspects.

If you made it this far, that's a good sign: what I have to say intrigues you... Or that you want a few moments of entertainment. In any case, maybe it's a sign that life (or your brain) is sending you to make you understand that you could really use my help to take your artistic career to another level!

I invite you to contact me to see if we are compatible to work together and achieve your goals!

Shall we book a call?

514 821-8755


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